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I am a computer scientist by training and an embedded developer (both hardware and software) by trade. specialization is in embedded systems programming, which I've done for over ten years now. I have also done web site development and straight-up PC software. In my spare time, I also do more "physical" construction projects, which include the design and construction of an attached greenhouse and a substantial shed for my home. Here my focus is on green building and local and sustainable building materials.

As a programmer, I consider myself very atypical. In my experience, the 'typical' programmer gets more comfortable as the programming language gets to a higher level. This works well for building large applications for PCs with nearly unlimited compute power and memory, but has a tendency to fall apart when you're working on an embedded processor with 128 bytes (yes, no kilos or megas here) of RAM. Careful coding and yes, sometimes even assembly language, become a requirement in these situations. I have experience working with ARM, PowerPC, 8051, x86, 68xxx, and other processors, as well as programming in Verilog for FPGAs (Xilinx, Altera, MicroSemi).

On the other hand, too many programmers like to dive into the coding as soon as possible, sometimes to the detriment of the larger picture. I have a great deal of experience at the system architecture level, looking at how many different pieces of a design (hardware, firmware, software, protocols, networking, etc.) fit together. I have been called on in many projects to lay out the road-map and manage how the pieces fit together.

As a builder, I've used these kind of "large picture" skills as well. I've designed single-family homes, a greenhouse, a root cellar, a water distribution system, a bridge, and constructed many of these myself and with the help of members of my community, White Hawk Ecovillage. My grandfather on my father's side was a carpenter, and some of those skills were passed down to me. My grandfather on my mother's side was a blacksmith, and someday I'd like to learn that craft as well.

I focus on trying to use traditional and local materials. For example, when I created my bridge-shed, I applied paint that I made myself according to an ancient Swedish tradition over locally harvested and milled hemlock siding and framing materials. The roofing was Canadian cedar shingles. The substructure was made from i-beams ordered from a local recycled steel company.

Consciousness Raising

In my personal life, I am passionate about the health of the planet and the interconnectedness of life on Earth. For this reason, I have made a commitment to donate 10% of the profits from my consulting work to causes that are important to me, and to donate some of my time as well. If you share my passion, check out some of the following organizations:

If you are concerned about helping humans specifically, here are some other useful links:

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